Learning to wheelie & drift, practice session on YZF-R125

PLS NOTE: I (currently) suck at wheelies – this is about me getting better at it on my R125.

Ok so we’re back with me learning how to wheelie. A few riders have done videos about how to approach this but the general consensus seems to be to start off with learning to bring the bike back down before going too high so that it becomes a reflex for if you go too far later, you don’t panic and grab the front-brake or whatever, you instinctively know how to bring it down.

I’m finding it takes time to get used to having the bike in new angles and positions, but I *am* getting used to it gradually which then lets me push it a bit further.

Apart from the clutch the main thing I’m struggling with at the moment is maintaining the right amount of power once the wheel is up, to keep it up, though that could actually be related to the clutch since if it’s slipping I may need to give it more power than it “should” need.

I’ve not done the clutch since I got the bike and I’m sure it hadn’t been done for a while before that either, so it’s probably high time. I’m waiting for clutch parts to arrive currently so I guess we’ll see once it’s fitted, assuming it still all works ;o)

I have no idea whether I’ll be able to do this wheelies and drifting thing but the other thing various riders seem to mention is that as long as you keep turning up, you’ll get good..so maybe there’s hope 😉

Expect upcoming clutch replacement video for the YZF-R125 😉 In this session I improved somewhat over last time, got my 10 ups as well as a bit of sliding – not exactly drifting yet but hopefully heading that way soon. Still didn’t loop! \o/

I also pimped out the intro video a bit for giggles but now I actually kinda like it. Lmk what you think if you like it 🙂


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