YZF-R125 TUNING ‘services’

Having just helped someone do an engine swap on a late model R125..(over email!), and recently helped map another R125 with a 180cc kit (again, over email), and having helped numerous people who email me with mapping/tuning problems etc before them, as well as all my friends before that…it has been pointed out that I perhaps ought to offer something like this as some sort of service, and i’d quite like to explore the idea. If there’s interest I could get a little more organised in that respect.

I actually had some of this sort of stuff booked last year but then lockdown happened just as we were about to book the travel etc. gutted.

We’re locked down at the moment anyway so I don’t really know if irl working on bikes is allowed or w/e, but lockdown should ease eventually.

There’s some stuff I can potentially help with irl and some which can be done remotely. I don’t really have rates for this stuff yet but if you want your bike tuned, a bigger cylinder put on or help with your mapping or whatever… just drop me an email. I need to cover my time+material if I’m building stuff or whatever but rates will be reasonable.

For things like a big bore kit if you’re registering the change with the DVLA (as you should for your insurance to be valid) then I can let you know the required paperwork you need to get it updated (process tested on doing my own upgrade).

At the very least I can probably advise what might work, point you in the right direction or might be able to be there (remotely) for you as backup for questions if you’re attempting stuff yourself (like the engine swap we just did – involved regular debriefings, checks and q+a), or you could potentially drop/van the bike/engine/whatever to me and I’ll work on it here.

I’m not a qualified mechanic, and as you see from my videos my workshop is not fancy or expensive, but I have got the tools and knowledge needed to work on these bikes, and I’ve been working on engines, doing welding etc for coming up to 20 years now with no nasty failures in that time.

I’ve owned my R125 for over 3 years now and have had her very in bits multiple times and so far, she hasn’t run better. For some reason I love these bikes ad whilst tuning them is general economically a bad idea, if you must have it go a bit faster I can probably help with that 😉

My main areas of interest or “things I could potentially help with”:

PLEASE NOTE: My experience is mostly with first-gen R125s. The later ones are more difficult to tune so whilst I might be able to help with some things on those, there will be less (simple) tuning options available.

  • Fitting motox-type bars (e.g. the fitting kit I made for an R125 in France, changes riding position but helps with back and shoulder problems)
  • Fitting Aftermarket exhaust
  • Fitting aftermarket air filter
  • Figuring out which model to get and then fitting a Power Commander
  • Help with mapping an existing power commander
  • Fitting a 180cc cylinder/big bore kit (along with paperwork for the DVLA)
  • suspension lowering links, aftermarket shock, suspension tweaks
  • Painting boomerang panels, mudguards etc (2k paints, metallics etc also fine)
  • diagnosing weird problems
  • fabricating a crash cage
  • custom fit exhaust baffle

And as soon as I get my TIG set back up properly I should be able to do:

  • exhaust welding on mild + stainless
  • TIG weld an O2 sensor bung onto your fancy stainless aftermarket pipe so that you can run an Autotune module along with your PCV
  • custom exhaust work? turbo downpipe? idk go nuts.

If anything listed is something you’re interested in or what you’re looking for isn’t listed but you think it might be something I could help with then drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

DO you know anything about hondas or other makes?

No, though general engine principles apply but I would lack any specific knowledge.


YZF-R125 tuning, Stretching scooters, welding & fabrication, customising, custom parts.

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