I’m a one-person operation who sits somewhere on the scale between artist/engineer, mad scientist and vehicle/engine hoarder. I’m passionate about my projects (some would say obsessive) and am primarily building these things just so that they exist.

I currently work from my small home workshop building and modifying my various vehicles and machines. In the past that’s mostly been Mk2 VW golfs but I’m currently also very much enjoying modifying Yamaha NEOS/Jog-type scooters along the “fatty/stretched” lines seen in the Honda Ruckus scene (see my build thread here). Ultimately though, anything with wheels (preferably fast) is fair game. If it goes sideways too then so much the better 😉

My main area of interest is old VWs, particularly Volkswagen’s Mk2 Golf Syncro, though I also seem to be getting into the Mk3/6N polos too recently.

I run the biggest/only forum dedicated to VW syncros and over the last 15 years or so have done extensive restoration and modifications to my own syncro, as well as numerous other Mk2 golfs I’ve owned along the way.

My main medium is steel, and I do Welding (MIG & TIG), sheet metal working (hammer & dollies etc), some paint & airbrush stuff, and am getting into doing little bit of light machining too.

Whilst I’m open to custom requests this isn’t really about that. It’s more about building something I find interesting and cool. That said, if you have a Scooter that urgently needs stretching or a Mk2 Golf Syncro which is needing some love or some custom fabrication from someone who understands its particular requirements, then I’d potentially be interested in helping.


Some possibly interesting motorbike & car projects

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