How to convert PCV maps to PC3USB easily (for free)

So whilst you can import PC3USB maps to the PCV sofware no problem, and PCV/PC3USB maps into the PCFC, what happens if you want to go the other way around? You can’t import PCV maps into PC3USB, nor can you import PCFC maps into PCV.

BTW: This should work on any bike with a PCV/PC3USB (obviously only on the same bike with each type of controller though).

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Why tho?

This is a situation I have currently with someone who got in touch looking for a map for their R125 with a 180cc cylinder and a 160cc/min injector.

I didn’t have a map for that but I did have a 160cc/min injector, which I’d fitted but then my wideband packed up so reverted to the stock injector since I had a decent map for that already.

Then I added the autotune and that sharpened the map up some more but it meant I could also put the bigger injector in and let the autotune try to build a map for it. It wouldn’t be perfect but it’s a good enough starting point.

The problem is I’ve got a PCV and the other person has a PC3USB. With the PC3USB being an earlier model there’s no option to import the newer PCV maps, and the PCV software has no export option for older models. It can import PC3USB maps but not export them.

Comparing the maps:

Below is the PCV map grid, and below that the same map in the PC3USB software. You’ll see they have the same RPM resolution and almost identical number of columns for the throttle position. The only differnce is the PC3USB doesn’t have the 15% throttle column.

So whilst I was looking into the saved files in a hex editor and has sorta figured out where the map data is hiding and was pondering on how to convert it..array maths is not my favourite thing so if there’s an easier way I’m definitely interested.

I saved a zero map (on the left) and a “1” map (i.e. all values are 1) to let me see where the data is stroed in the map files, and whilst the PCV seems to use 1 or 2 bytes per value, for some reason the PC3USB uses 4 bytes, whcih allows for huge values. Hence you can input values of +/-1000 or more on the PC3USB, vs values of around -150 to +250 on the PCV. It starts doing wierd things when you go to higher or lower than that (possible buffer overrun or values spilling over into the next byte or something).

So I thought hey why not try the super simple option.. does it let you copy and paste highlighted values. Well, actually YES, it does.

So this just got a whole lot easier….

Copy and Paste, easy peasy

Highlight all values and press CTRL+C to copy them, then open a spreadsheet.. I’m using google docs which is free but it’ll work in Openoffice Calc (which is free) or Excel just the same. Paste the values in:

I added the RPM column and the throttle position column manually just for clarity, but they’re not needed. It’s just the numbers which get pasted in.

Then highlight and delete the 15% column

That leaves you with the correct number of cells for the PC3USB software. Highlight and CTRL+C the cells with the numbers in:

And paste them into your PC3USB software. Save map and job done. Ready to upload to your bike.

[EDIT: I’ve since discovered that the PC3USB software wakes up with “-” in each cell and it won’t let you paste your grid of values in while that’s showing. However if you select all the cells (either with shift+arrow keys or click & drag) and then enter 0 (and Enter), it should populate each of the cells with 0 and then you can paste your grid in over that. I had another map loaded up when I was writing this hence it wasn’t apparent at the time.]

Oh but there’s more…

If you go the other way and import that map back into the PCV sofware, it just takes an average of the 10% and 20% throttle values to give you a set of values for the 15% throttle column. Here’s the map re-imported to PCV and you can see it’s averaged out the values for the 15% column:

see how the values for the 15% column are just an average of the 10% and 20% columns. simples.


Whilst this doesn’t in any way, shape or form mean that the map from my bike is gonna be right for your bike, it does mean we have a few more options to get a halfway decent starting point.

Also it means that if you happen to be able to get a map but it’s for a PCV then no worries, you can just install the software for both devices and do the conversion yourself, for free with no coding, maths or special software needed.

It would also perhaps mean I could set my bike up with different injector sizes, or exhaust/whatever configurations, and generate maps for them, which can then be exported to any other Power commander platform.

On the PCFC you can already import maps from either PCV or PC3USB so you’re already covered there. Here’s the same map pulled into PCFC

But you can’t go from the PCFC software to the PCV (PCV seems to be earlier), except you can do the copy/paste trick here too. Just delete the 15% column if you’re going PCFC to PC3USB. No adjustment needed for PCFC to PCV.

You can happily have the software for each version of the power commander installed all on the same machine. I have all 3 set up on here and whilst some options are greyed out because it want to be connected to an actual device, the basic task of moving the map data in and out you can do no problem.

Comment below if this was helpful for you or if you’ve got more questions. I’ll try to update this bit of the site as I learn more about it.

Links to the software I’m using:

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