Custom/one-off parts

If you have a scooter you urgently need to stretch to the max and nobody makes a frame to do so, or there’s something you need made and aren’t having any luck elsewhere, drop me an email at

There are limits to what I can make but more often than not it’s just a special-sized plate or adapter, or a custom bracket which brings a project to a halt, or an OEM part which needs modifying slightly…and that’s something I could probably help with 🙂

So far this has worked by post, which is great because I’m sorta getting to work on bikes all over the place without going anywhere 🙂

I’ve added this page since I’ve had a few requests for custom bits recently and I’ve really enjoyed the development process and would like to do more of, even if not all ideas make it to reality

I’ve added a few more in-depth projects as examples and am adding pics of stuff I’ve made to the gallery below that.

Previous custom projects:

Custom exhaust baffles for YZF-R125 for exhaust tuning

Custom stunt/crash-cage for YZF-R125

Custom subframe and 12-oclock bar for trials/stuntbike

Stock R125 to Heavy Duty R15 clutch upgrade

Misc custom bits

YZF-R125 tuning, Stretching scooters, welding & fabrication, customising, custom parts.

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