Little update on the stretched neos – it goes!

first time I’ve been able to work on the scoot for a while, was just trying to see sorta where I got up to and check it still runs etc, which it does \o/.

I remembered to drain the carb this time and she fired right up.

This is how she’s looking – sorry for the terrible pic. New phone, camera sucks.

very stretched yamaha neos scooter

I feel like the lines of it are actually coming together nicely this time. Tapering the vertical bars inwards made all the difference so was worth the hassle i think.

It does still look a bit odd when parked since there’s no weight on the back and it pops up a bit, but when you’re sat on it all the lines are as they should be…like a long, low land-sled or something 🙂

I’ve just done new brake levers on my yamaha daily bike and I think they might fit on these mounts which would be nice since this is a bit of an odd set. I’m sure the brake lever is shorter than it should be.

Oh I rode it too! After the first test where the steering felt weird I guess I flipped the forks round at some point but never tested it out.

Today I ziptied all the cables and the battery etc down and gave it a little blast up the drive a few times just to get an idea of how it moves. I’ve not taken it for a whizz up the road yet but I don’t think we’re far off being able to do so.

It’s surprisingly keen to go, which I like. and it does burnouts lol, so, good start 🙂 The steering feels way better now too so I can stop worrying about that.

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