Fitting an extra temperature gauge to the YZF-R125

[I’m also moving this from the R125forum while there’s issues with it].

Some pics from fitting the temp probe and other randomness…

the temp probe.. it’s in what I believe is the return pipe for the radiator so whilst it’s not quite as good a location for temp as the main temp sensor, I haven’t got a reading from that and won’t have till I have the POD-300 controller/display so this is the next best thing and should tell me if she’s having a meltdown…

here’s my replacement section of pipe to replace the coolant pump return..hopefully it fits in the space.

It’s using a Koso 18mm temp spacer – you can get them on amazon or in kits like this below (which looks pretty good actually and a lot more compact. I may switch to one of those as it’s neater than my sensor arrangement)

koso, waterprooflcddigitaldisplayer, Yamaha, motorcyclekosometer

You can force it to fit exactly in the normal positions but I felt happier with the radiator a little more relaxed since it is pretty tight in there already. The bottom of the rad angled forward a little gives more room for the hose + sensor but does mean you have to adjust the holes in the fairing, but it’s ok they’re behind the boomerang panel so you don’t even see the adjustment.

The mount which came with the temp dial wasn’t going to fit anywhere so I just made one out of ali sheet. Was going to secure it with 3 panel screws but one worked fine and less drilling in my baby’s plastics..

the temp sensor seems to assume you’re fitting to a car where body = ground.. not the case here so had to include positive and negative. Easiest way to get a positive connection was this arrangement wiht a bored-out ring terminal which just fitted over the core of the sensor. Given you’ve got both + and – in close proximity there and don’t wanna blow the fuse on the ignition which it’s piggybacked off, I had to make sure the contacts were very well insulated!

wires wires wires…always wires fs

empty bags but back together and just back from doing a week’s shopping. Rorty and naughty

That rear winter tyre (IRC urban snow M+S rated) is really grippy in the dry but horrendous in the wet. Could be because of the chunky tread but the first time out in the wet I nearly went straight in to the back of someone and I’d left plenty of room to brake and wasn’t actually going like a nutter either. Have lost the back end a couple of times since in slight whiff of humidity. Sketchy AF, which is wierd bc the Heidenau K77 rear (i think that was the model) was *amazeballs* in the wet and even the frost. Still got the heidenau winter front on and nothing sticks like it

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