Making a new fuel map for bigger injector with PCV & Autotune, on yamaha YZFR125

This video follows on from my last one and goes through the process of building a new fuel map from scratch for my 180cc YZF-R125, the way I do it, using the Dynojet Power Commander V (PCV) and Autotune (with a wideband 02 sensor).

We go through all the various components/electronic gizmos and how they interact to get to the end result of a tuned bike.

I hope this makes sense cos I had to make a bunch of diagrams and stuff for it which took forever lol xD

This video is focussed on tuning using a PCV and Autotune which is a setup that seems to be working well for me, and for this sort of moderate tuning.

I know many of you have PCFC/PC3USB etc which is a little different and can’t use autotune, and the next video will be about what your options are in that case. Thanks for your patience and I hope it’s helpful 🙂


6 thoughts on “Making a new fuel map for bigger injector with PCV & Autotune, on yamaha YZFR125”

  1. Would you be able to find out. How to repin the plug on a gen 1 yzfr125 to make a gen 2 throttle position sensor (tps) to work. To aloud the use of a bigger throttle body

          1. Hello
            No I’ve decided against massing around with the TPS and now I’m going to install a carburetor instead. I will let you know how I get on with it

          2. oh fair enough. A carb though? that’s an interesting decision. What’s the logic behind that? Seems like a step backwards if you’re looking for power or am I missing something?


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