R125 Mods/upgrades

I realised that there’s quite a lot of “common upgrades” which might be worth going through and assembling into a list for reference. Perhaps you’re thinking of doing a particular mod and perhaps this will give you an idea of how difficult it is, how expensive it is, and whether I think it’s worth doing overall.

I’ll just make a list below to begin with and then fill in the content for each mod as its own page as I get time. Leave a like or a comment if you like this idea or if there’s a mod I’ve forgotten or you think should be covered. You can sign in to comment if you have a wordpress.com account or email address.

Please bear in mind this just my *opinion* on each mod, YMMV. Nobody’s paying me to say nice things about their products so if i say I like it it’s because I like it.

Performance mods:

  • EGR delete
  • Airbox mods (some prior info)
  • K+N filter
  • Performance exhaust
  • Exhaust baffles
  • Bigger/smaller front sprocket
  • Manual/late-model timing chain tensioner (guide)
  • Double bubble screen
  • Power Commander V
  • Autotune module & wideband O2 sensor for Power Commander V
  • Big bore kit (180cc)
  • Bigger injector (for 180cc) (guide)
  • R125 -> R15 clutch upgrade with 6-spring uprated boss (guide)
  • Aftermarket adjustable rear shock


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