Yamaha NEOS 2002 stretched / “fatty” build – part 1


This is a quick catchup clip for my yamaha neos 2002 stretched “fatty” build. It’s a regular yamaha scooter with much of the plastics removed, 7×12″ rear rim from a mini-classic, it’s stretched 18″ and lowered, on air-ride.

This bike is actually coming together now so I thought I’d post a bit of a catchup sequence. It’s ended up being several parts though.

This is the first part which goes from arrival of the bike, a bit of an overview of roughly where I’m heading with it and a look at some of the components.

Then we’re on to stripping the bike down and figuring out what to do with the front part of the frame so that I can get the look that I want.

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Full build thread to date HERE

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