Yamaha NEOS 2002 stretched / “fatty” build – part 3 – Fitting the mini-classic rim

This is part 3 of my catchup videos showing progress on my fatty/stretched yamaha Neos project.

In this video I’m going through the process of mounting the rim from an Austin Mini Classic with a scooter tyre stretched onto it, to the yamaha driveline.

I ended up trying two different approaches, I’ve left the mistakes in since perhaps it might help you or someone else figure out how to (or not to) do something similar.

The bike is a 2002 Yamaha Neos, 2 stroke, 50cc Minarelli engine in a stretched, “fatty” style. It’s a regular yamaha scooter with much of the plastics removed, 7×12″ rear rim from a mini-classic, it’s stretched by 18″ and lowered, on air-ride.

This bike is actually coming together now so I thought I’d post a bit of a catchup sequence. It’s ended up being several parts though covering the main challenges I’ve had with it so far.

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Full build thread to date HERE

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