Baffled – Part 3

So I found this thread which possibly explains what’s going on with my exhaust (2nd post particularly relevant).

i think this may be about gas velocity, which would sorta explain the current counter-intuitive performance improvement by adding the baffle in the can. I’ve also realised that it might be better still if i take the forward baffle out (the one which came with the exhaust system) and only have the rear one…that way i might get better performance still and regain some of the nice sound.

It may also do nothing/make it slower in which case it’s going back how it was….gonna find out today hopefully.

Riding again last night – it’s definitely quicker’s ridiculous, and such fun. The heidenau k66 winter tyres are also so sticky, even in the wet. *Well* pleased with them.

I’m waiting on some bits to let me hopefully fit some motox bars so I can sit a little bit more upright. I’m hoping it’ll make it more comfortable for longer journeys and also perhaps give a little better control in wet/snowy conditions (which i definitely plan on riding in). I’ve had to borrow bits from different generic riser kits and machined a couple of custom bits to join them together but so far it’s looking promising. Pics to follow once I have something solid.

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