I’m on Instagram – NEW R125 FRAME

Ok well you probably know how I feel about facebook products but if anything’s going to get me to cross that line it’s bikes. And it did..Actually so far I quite like it. Lots of nice picsand seems like lots of similarly bike-obsessed ppl but less noise than fb. Biker twitter has decidedly less outlaws than I was hoping for so perhaps Insta is a better place.

Either way..if you’re on there, of if we’ve seen you whilst out riding, please do follow + say hi 🙂

Let’s see if insta is a better outlet for my photos…


Also: this just happened:

For about a year I’ve been looking for a cheap frame to mount the turbo motor in, kinda because I was hoping it would be easier than making a motor stand..You sometimes see written off frames o ebay for peanuts and I was hoping to get one and perhaps cut out what I needed if it couldn’t be put onthe road anyway. You can get clean frames with paperwork from italy and germany but they’re usually £500+ and that’s a bit much to spend on somethign wich may never even make it to he road…but then at long last I found this one the other day in Germany.

There wasn’t much info and the seller wasn’t very communicative and as soon as there was any interest in it they hiked the price up by £50 but even so it was still a steal. There was a bit more import duty on top of that but it has all the german paperwork and the packing it came in was a work of art. The frame seems to be in better shape than I expected, possibly a late gen1 or early gen2, so I guess the question is what to build it up into?

Whatever it’ll be will have a turbo or some sort of forced induction (probably a turbo) but beyond that we have a blank canvas. “Turbo R125 streetfighter”

IDK but nice decisions to have to make 😀

We have santa pod is just up the road sooo it doesn’t even have to be something which would be road legal potentially. Idk if you’d be able to insure something like that anyway.

LET ME KNOW YOUR IDEAS in the comments. I’m largely doing this jsut because I want to try turboing something, I care less what it ends up as, as long as it’s terrifyingly fast for an R125 😀

The Featured image pic was kindly shot by Axion Photography

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