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Yamaha NEOS 2002 stretched / “fatty” build – part 2 – Fuel sender modification

This is a quick catchup clip for my yamaha neos 2002 stretched “fatty” build. It’s a regular yamaha
scooter with much of the plastics removed, 7×12″ rear rim from a mini-classic, it’s stretched 18″ and
lowered, on air-ride.

This bike is actually coming together now so I thought I’d post a bit of a catchup sequence. It’s ended
up being several parts though.

This is the second part. By this point I’ve done most of the wiring, this clip deals with modifying the
fuel sender to work with the aftermarket tacho/gauge…which ended up being quite fiddly, but worthwhile
if you want the fuel gauge to work properly.

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Full build thread to date: https://www.scootershack.co.uk/threads/yamaha-neos-50cc-build.37580


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