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Winter updates

been a while since last post…so this will be a bit all over the place while I catch up. Apologies, please bear with me, there’s a lot to cover and some really exciting stuff to follow. Details on that as soon as I know for sure 🙂

Sooooo… the B-motor investigation didn’t go so well, scored bearing surface on the little end (wrist pin) bearing on the con-rod, which means new con-rod, which means bottom end apart and basically new crank which comes with free con-rod (or separate/re-join crank which will cost about the same as replacement). Ran out of budget on that so that’s been paused for the moment.

very expensive scratches
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Preparing the yzf-r125 for Winter riding, and Further adventures

So the last few months have been pretty tough on a personal level so I haven’t really had much time to lavish on playing with bikes, plus I broke the car so the R125 has been more about getting me from A to B in all weathers, which much to my delight it did really well.

The little bits of workshop time I’ve had have been mostly focussed on just keeping everything running as best as I can, again, which despite adversity, worked. I have however still been working on things and have a backlog of photos etc which will probably turn into a bunch of posts, of which this is the first.

After the car broke last october (which was supposed to be my winter vehicle) I decided not to sink any more money into it and double down on the 125 instead, however insane that sounded going into what was supposed to be a potentially serious winter. But hey whatever, YOLO

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Baffled – Part 2

I did another quick run across town just now with the baffle in and it definitely seems quicker. I dunno if that’s because I’m less conscious of the rpm and so ride differently but it definitely felt like it wanted to *go* again. Much grinning when I got home. 

I guess it’s possible that at low/mid rpm the little bit of restriction might improve torque somehow – I guess there’s sound waves and stuff going on in there to some extent like a 2-stroke. I didn’t really get chance to go flat out though and that’s where I’d expect the baffle to be a restriction…will have to see. Didn’t seem to be a problem revving high at speeds up to 50ish though, kept finding i had to back off a bit.

I’m still not loving the sound but stealth is better and obviously whatever’s quicker wins. Interested to see how it does on a test run. I guess I need to figure out some sort of timing malarkey I can work with gloves on first, though even just seeing how it performs when flat out with the baffle would be interesting. Next time she’s on the dyno I guess we’ll find out for sure but that won’t be for a while yet.

Winter tyres for the YZF-R125

So given the bike is my main transport now and with a cold winter promised I figured perhaps prepare a little bit.

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