Rebuilding the rear suspension on the NEOS

So the air ride sorta worked but I wasn’t happy with the reliability, and that’s not something I’d want to fail at speed.It was holding up the rest of the project so I decided to go with a regular shock on the back for the time being and come back to the air later.

As it turns out because of the shallower angle (due to the stretch) a stronger shock was needed, and I ended up doubling up with a longer shock from a Yamaha Vity 125 as well as the original NEOS shock. The first mount I made wasn’t great and it rode too low under load so this video is me re-building the shock mount & rear suspension setup.


The bike is a 2002 Yamaha Neos, 2 stroke, 50cc Minarelli engine in a stretched, “fatty” style. It’s a regular yamaha scooter with much of the plastics removed, 7×12″ rear rim from a mini-classic, it’s stretched by 18″ and lowered (air-ride on hold for now).

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Full build thread to date:


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