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Stretched Yamaha Neos updates…

Here are a few pics from recent progress…

I’ve been working on trying to get it as “together” as possible, all trim, bodywork and stuff, before putting the floor bars on to get the best idea of how to do them. I think now I know what I’m supposed to be doing and now just have to actually get them in. Hopefully I’ll get into that this week, weather permitting.

The back rides up when there’s no weight on it which makes it look a little odd, but when you’re on it, it all lays flat and lines up right.

The last pic is with me sat on it as you can hopefully see  then both the rear mudguard and the exhaust come into alignment. It’s very, very long for a scooter but looks to be headed the sort of direction I was hoping (japanese “big scooter” style).

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Extending the exhaust on the Neos

Now that the rear suspension is sorted I was able to figure out the positioning of the exhaust. Obviously with adding offset and the wider wheel the exhaust needed a little bit of “editing” to clear the wheel. Was a bit nervous about messing this up but it actually went ok.

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Rebuilding the rear suspension on the NEOS

So the air ride sorta worked but I wasn’t happy with the reliability, and that’s not something I’d want to fail at speed.It was holding up the rest of the project so I decided to go with a regular shock on the back for the time being and come back to the air later.

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Testing the air suspension on the Neos

In this video I’m testing the air suspension setup. Not sure quite what the final format of it will be – there’s still a fair bit of experimenting at this point.

Full build thread to date HERE