Extending the exhaust on the Neos

Now that the rear suspension is sorted I was able to figure out the positioning of the exhaust. Obviously with adding offset and the wider wheel the exhaust needed a little bit of “editing” to clear the wheel. Was a bit nervous about messing this up but it actually went ok.

I’d wanted to tig weld it for maximum neatness but when it came down to it I couldn’t be arsed to drag the welder, gas bottle etc out so just did it with the mig. Not as tidy but works just as well and took 10 mins instead of 10 mins plus 2 hrs setup/breakdown ;)

I dare say extending the pipe will change the characteristics of the exhaust somewhat but I don’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter since it wasn’t gonna fit as it was.

After doing the rear suspension last session I sorta didn’t really have time to thoroughly test how it actually sits with rider weight on it and was a tad worried it was riding too high, but it’s actually spot on. The rear arm sits pretty much bang on level with my weight on it, which I’m very pleased about.

Now that the rear suspension and the exhaust are sorted I can mock up the rest of the pipework which will extend the fairing bars rearward and provide the rest of the foot platform/”floor”, which will ultimately get checkerplated over and should visually tie the front and rear fo the bike together.

With not having the air gubbins to house I’ve ended up with a bit of an empty space in front of the engine which i was trying to avoid, but as yet I haven’t got anywhere to put the battery, so that might be a good home for it, perhaps with some sort of sheet-metal undertray if needed. It could be that the extended fairing-bars will eliminate that space but if not some sort of battery protection tray thing should do the job.

full build thread here

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