The B-motor runs!!

woop! it runs \o/ (so far).

This has been a massive learning curve for me, particularly the sheer number of operations which have to be completed, as well as having to build at least 2 special tools to get the job done meant (for me anyway) it wasn’t really possible to “see” the whole process from start to finish, which in turn makes me very nervous on a project.

So really the only approach for me was to deal with one step at a time and try not to panic too much about the enormity of the overall task. As long as I do each step correctly then adding all the steps together later should be fine. Emphasis on *should*.. (see alo: “may not be fine”).

Thankfully I seem to have done all the steps more or less correctly (or at least to within tolerances) so the motor literally started right up on the first push of the starter.

That doesn’t mean we’re home safe yet..just because it didn’t fail *immediately* doesn’t mean there aren’t things which could still go wrong, and for me confidence in a motor comes in the form of “miles covered without incident” (MCWI), and we’re currently on a a score of 2 there, from the previous record of 6000, so 2/6000 gives me a confidence of 0.03%, which is not a lot!

That it “fails after 10 miles”, “fails after 100 miles”, “fails after 1000 miles” are still very much realistic options, but to some extent with each milestone we pass, the remaining possible failure upportunities become a little less likely.

Anxiety is still at point B (see graph below), but hopefully will improve with more MCWI. So far so good though! 🙂

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